Tours de Taprobana was founded and run by a well-experienced panel of directors and a staff to facilitate our customers with the best customized tours available in Sri Lanka.


Mr Ruwan de Silva, Managing Director,Tour De Taprobana

Before forming Toursde Taprobana, he had gathered a great deal of knowledge in marketing and management especially in tourism, having the aim to establish this company to bring the tourism industry in Sri Lanka to a unique trend that the whole world would talk about Sri Lanka. As the managing director, he has put together a great team to create the best tours that exactly match everyone with highly customizable itineraries.


Mr. Hemal Nadeera, Director and secretory, Tour De Taprobana

After collecting 10 years of experience in a top-rated tour company as a tour manager, planner and a business development executive, Nadeera holds a reputation in the industry as one of the best performing tour planners and managers in Sri Lanka with a remarkable client base. He, as a director and the secretary of Tours De Taprobana, has put all his skills to develop the company by earning the highest appreciation of the customers.


Mrs.Ruwanthi De Silva, Directress, Account

Accounts department is the heart of the business and her role in the accounts blow the life into the company. Thanks to her diligence in handling the accounts department, Tours de Taprobana is now able to provide our customers with the best quality service at the lowest cost in Sri Lanka. So, Tour De Taprobana is at your service scoring and reaching the higher goals while growing bigger and bigger to serve you better.


Thilina Ranasinghe, Tour Manager

After completing his studies in hospitality management,he ventured into tourism with an immense set of experience in tour destinations and activities in Sri Lanka fueling up the company with one and only unique itinerary planning in the industry gaining higher customer feedback. He continues to develop special tours giving the customers beyond what they expect.


21/3A, Kothalawala mawatha, weerangula, yakkala, Sri Lanka | Tel: Hemal nadeera  +94 77286 7311  viber what's app, Ruwan de Silva  +94 76750 7242  viber what's

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